by Gospel and The Wolf

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released January 18, 2016



all rights reserved


Gospel and The Wolf Austin, Texas

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Track Name: song1
i cannot get over you
like a fear, like a hill
feel the waves crash through and through
let me drown
leave me here

i'm already gone
i've already lost
i'm already gone
i've already lost

but i still wish the best for you
see me smile as i die
i hate to love you like i do
hoping it's the last time
Track Name: acid angel
i saw the world turned inside out
and stretched wide like my open mouth
acid angel pull me out or cut my hands and let me drown
it burns so good to fall a part
the words melt right through my heart
the sky is a new static trend with poison leaking in my head
a diamond magic pixel land
the ground is lava
dont fall in

my thoughts float away
like anti gravity
i lose myself in space
when it calls for the occasion

i won't come around
Track Name: song3
i'll keep you like a secret
hide so they can't see it
you walked out through the front door
and they'd never see you again
how could i forget

my skin is peeling
I'm high so i can't feel it
my lungs filled up with smoke
i couldn't clear the hit
it ripped me to shreds